Father and son owners explain their plans for old Cayce High School

The new owners of the Hickman County Jail — which sold at auction Thursday — also own the old Cayce High School in Fulton County. They bought the school for $50,000 in April.

Their plan is to turn the old building into a 20-room bed and breakfast and RV park.

As you look at the building, you’ll notice it needs a lot of work. When Bryan Jones and his father, Thomas Jones, look around, they see endless potential.

They’re considering including activities such as bingo and karaoke at the bed and breakfast, and hiring a DJ some nights. "The good thing about a big building like this is the only thing that can limit what you do is your imagination," Thomas says.

The father and son are from Florida. They bought the school building at first as a vacation home. Now, they plan to invest up to $1.5 million overall and $500,000 in the next year. “Our intent is not to get rich off of it. It’s more of intent for people in this area or tourists from this area to be able to enjoy the structure for what it is,” Thomas says.

They estimate 10 full-time jobs down the road. At the moment, they have five local guys on their crew. They also plan to hire additional crew members from the area to finish the job.

They have plans drawn up, but those are subject to change. They continue exploring ideas for the bottom floor, including a convenience store, a laundromat, and deli.

They hope to have the bed and breakfast open in January. 

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