Pope wearing family legacy with Paducah Chiefs

In the end, it’s just cloth and thread, but to Reid Pope it’s much more than that.

"Putting that jersey on means something special to me," Pope said..

For the Paducah Chiefs outfielder, that jersey is the same one his grandfather, Richard Throgmorton, wore playing for the Chiefs in the 1950’s.

"It is a big thing to follow in the footsteps of my grandfather," said Pope. "I have a lot of respect for this program because of that."

"There were so many stories that dad shared with us," said Reid’s mother Rebecca Pope. "To experience when Reid was given the opportunity we have been excited about it."

Dispite passing away months before the Chiefs played their first game last season, Throgmorton’s impact on his former team can be easily be seen.

"My mother knew she had the uniform in a closet and she wanted to do something with it in honor of him," Rebecca said.

The jersey was given to Chiefs general manager Greg Mckeel, who then used it as a template, copying everything down to the last stitch, for the jersey’s the new Paducah Chiefs wear.

"That is the jersey that he would show us whenever we would all go to his house," Reid said. "He would show all of my cousins and my brother and sister. I haven’t got to see it in a while, so it is pretty neat getting to see it."

"It just couldn’t be a prouder moment to think about him playing and wearing something his grandfather was part of." said Rebecca.

And although he isn’t here to see his grandson play, the Pope’s know Throgmorton is close by.

"His grandmother is probably one of the loudest fans here," Rebecca said. "I think the reason why is because she is yelling for Reid, and throwing a cheer for my dad."

"It makes me feel like my grandfather is right there with me," said Reid. "Whenever I put that jersey on, his is there."

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