Doctor delivers baby while in labor herself

(WLEX) When Leah Halliday Johnson went into labor at the Frankfort Regional Medical Center, she had no idea that the doctor who’d deliver her baby was actually on the maternity ward floor ready to give birth herself.

"I had actually taken a call the day before, so I thought really that I was working up to the last minute. But this was literally ’til the last second," said Dr. Amanda Hess.

Before the obstetrician could give birth to her own child, she decided to help deliver a baby girl being born down the hall. She said that the other physician who was on call had just left.

"I put on some boots over my flip flops and found another gown to cover myself up and did put my stuff to deliver on and delivered a baby," said Dr. Hess.

Her own contractions were just minutes away from starting. 

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