Major changes expected for the Paducah Greenway Trail

The trail Mark Guard enjoys along with other hikers and bikers is getting ready to change.

“I know there’s talk of extending it, and we’re looking forward to it. It’ll give us some more trail to walk.” Guard said.

Progress on phase 4 of the Greenway Trail expansion project was discussed during a committee meeting Thursday. City Engineer Rick Murphy said the committee is feeling good about it.

“The project is moving along in the design and through the regulatory process of using the federal money. We have to clear those processes first, and we’re moving right along,” Murphy said.

The trail currently ends at Campbell Street near the Schroeder Expo Center. To connect that point to Schultz Park, crews will run a path under the former Showroom Lounge and through the Riverfront Redevelopment Project. That will add nearly 3,000 feet of pathways and trail. It also includes additional lighting and benches. To help fund the project, the city received a $520,000 TAP grant.

Murphy expects to have permission to move forward by January, which is something hikers like Mark are happy to hear about a trail they love. In the meantime, they continue to enjoy it as it is.

“It’s a great trail to walk. It gets you out of the city streets and away from traffic. It’s a great way to get some exercise.” Guard said.

Phase 4 construction is expected to begin early next year. The project team hopes to have that phase completed by the end of 2018.