Murray police looking for owner of found money

MURRAY, KY — Did you recently lose some money in Murray? The Murray Police Department says a substantial amount of money was turned in to the department after it was found at a business on South 12th Street.

The money was found on Aug. 13, and police say it was left at the store sometime between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m.

If you are the rightful owner of the money, you can contact the police department to get it back. You will have to verify the specific amount of money and the type of package it was in.

Police say the employee who found the money in the store will be able to recognize the rightful owner, so people who are not the rightful owner should not bother trying to guess the amount to try to get the money.

If you are the owner of the money or you know who it is, you can contact the Murray Police Department at 270-753-1621.