Transient boat dock saw soft opening, more work ahead

PADUCAH, KY — Paducah’s transient dock was supposed to open this spring. City leaders say, like any highly-anticipated construction project, it got delayed. However, boaters on the river did get the chance to break it in for Monday’s eclipse.

Nine boaters made reservations, and the contractor and the city wanted to honor those. But, right after the eclipse, they closed the dock again to finish some work before the grand opening.

Recently retired from academia, John Carrico said he normally wouldn’t get the chance to sit by the river. He knows what a boon the river is to the area.

“This is an economic engine sitting right here, churning again with the river,” he says.

And he, with others, is patient but eager for the long-running transient boat dock project to open.

With a later-than-expected timeline, Paducah City Engineer And Public Works Director Rick Murphy says they are nearing the end of the project. “We’re completing what we call a final punch list where we identified the final checklist to be completed before open to the public,” he says.

Orange cones denote things that still need to be completed. Some spots pose a safety issue, where someone could fall through a space on the dock.

Murphy says they’re glad they were able to accommodate boaters for the eclipse, hoping next time boaters can stop instead of drive by.

“This facility is the buzz among the loopers, because they’re talking about it they’re wanting to come here,” Murphy says.

The city is not accepting reservations right now, and there is no clear date defined for when this dock will open to boaters and the public. There are some reservations made for late September.

The dock has water and electrical hookups for boats, as well as a fueling station with gas and diesel. Murphy specified that fishing is not allowed off the dock.

Check out this drone video Local 6 photojournalist Chad Darnall captured of the dock today: