Hurricane Harvey evacuees find shelter in west Kentucky

MAYFIELD, KY – Even though they made it out of hurricane Harvey’s floodwaters, evacuees say they’re still fearful about the future.

Mother-daughter pair Crystal and Sydni Allen are staying in Mayfield, Kentucky, but they left behind a lot. They say they’re still grateful for what they do have.

Going to the grocery store is a normal family errand —except this is not a normal time for Crystal and Sydni. They are originally from Mayfield, but they are back under less than ideal circumstances.

Crystal says: “I was at work, and they said ‘Hurricane’s coming, and you’re gonna have to be evacuated.'”

The two hastily threw together a couple of bags, loaded their cat in the car and then hit the road for a 16-hour drive.

The pair left behind a loved one. Crystal’s husband needed to stay behind because of his job working security at a nuclear plant. She says he checks in for daily updates. “He’ll say all is well. I told him just let me know. Give me updates to know you’re OK,” she says.

In the days since their long drive away from home, Crystal says they’ve learned their house is still standing.

She says: “We had to leave her pictures, and marriage license, and things like that, but I was really hoping they wouldn’t get destroyed.”

She asks you to keep people in Texas in your thoughts and prayers, saying “There’s so many people there just need love and need someone to know that they’re there, because the internet is down and everything down there —not feeling like anyone knows they’re there.”

Crystal says she received word her workplace is under water. She fears she may not have a job after the waters receded.

Sydni had started school for one day, and then they evacuated. Crystal says she will not have to make up that time because it’s considered an act of God.

Crystal says the mandatory evacuation order will not be lifted until Friday, Sept. 1.