World War II B-29 bomber flies over southern Illinois

MARION, IL – A piece of history will be flying around southern Illinois this weekend.

A World War II B-29 bomber known as Fifi flew in from Indianapolis to Veterans Airport of Southern Illinois Monday morning.

The more than 70-year-old plane is one of just two B-29’s still flying. It’s the same style plane as the Enola Gay, the bomber used to drop atomic bombs on Japan in World War II. Fifi never saw battle. The plane was sent over to crews just a few weeks before Japan surrendered.

Charley Rodriguez helped bring the B-29 and Commemorative Air Force to southern Illinois. He said it’s great showing off this piece of history to people, especially veterans.

“Sometimes we get a veteran that flies in one of these and hasn’t seen one of these in decades and decades. And I’ve even seen them come out with tears in their eyes. And I go, you know, whatever I do in my life, I’ll never feel what that person is feeling right now,” Rodriguez said.

If you want to check it out, they’ll have crews out from Wednesday until Sunday. You can buy tickets or even take a ride in the bomber.

For more information on Fifi or to buy your tickets online, visit the website,