United Methodists team up to send Harvey victims cleaning supplies


BENTON, KY – Churches across the nation want your help getting cleaning supplies to Hurricane Harvey victims. The nonprofit United Methodist Committee on Relief, a ministry of the United Methodist Church, leads the effort. Over the next few weeks, United Methodist churches will put together cleaning kits for victims.

Brad Colson has seen this type of devastation many times before.

“The devastation is unbelievable, the smells, the ‘yesterday I had a lot, today I have nothing’ type of (situation),” Benton First United Methodist Church volunteer Brad Colson said.

He first responded to a disaster with the church’s Committee on Relief during Hurricane Katrina.

“Just barely seeing the devastation — a little bitty part — touched my heart,” Colson said.

He’s responded other times since then, and now he’s helping the church get the word out on its effort to get cleaning kits to Hurricane Harvey victims.

“They don’t have anything. It’s all been flooded. It’s all contaminated,” Colson said.


The kits are buckets full of supplies, such as sponges and clotheslines. The supplies have to be specific items, so churches prefer donors make cash donations they can use to buy the exact needed items.

“In order to recover some normalcy to your life, you want your things clean again,” said the Benton first United Methodist Church Pastor David Russell.

Russell hopes the kits give victims that normalcy, and Colson wants the effort to inspire more people when it’s needed most.

“There’s a tremendous amount of folks out here that don’t care, and we need more that care. It’s that simple,” Colson said.

You can make cash donations at any United Methodist Church. Each will use the money to buy the cleaning supplies needed for the buckets. All churches will then take them to Benton First United Methodist Church, which will load them into a trailer to send southon Sept. 11.

Russell says to get donations in before Sept. 9. You can also contribute online here.


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