Fall Quilt Show brings new people to Paducah

PADUCAH, KY – We’re two days into the first fall Paducah QuiltWeek, and American Quilter’s Society directors say they are happy with the turn out.

They don’t have the attendance numbers yet, but the show’s operations director can say more than half the people at the event had never been to Paducah before.

After multiple tries, this week is the first time one quilter’s piece has been displayed at a quilt show. “I’m just thrilled about getting it into the show,” said the quilt’s creator, Chris Laiacona. Fall QuiltWeek brings Laiacona to Paducah from upstate New York for the first time.

“I think the downtown area has been lovely, the food has been great, and people have been lovely,” Laiacona said.

The show’s directors say the event gives Paducah more exposure by giving more people a chance to visit.

“I enjoy the people. You meet so many people, so nice,” said Rosemary Seifried. Seifried has been to every QuiltWeek, and she says this week, she said she missed the bigger crowds of the spring show. “I like the momentum, and it seems like there’s more going on,” Seifried said.

The owner of Troutt Old Time General Store and Market Crystal Troutt says she has still noticed an impact. “Our lunch, I had to keep running to the kitchen to make more sandwiches and stuff, because everyone kept coming in,” Troutt said.

This is also the first quilt show that the new Holiday Inn downtown has been open.

“They’ll send people over to see us all the time, so that’s just a big blessing right there too,” Troutt said. She welcomes a quilt show this time of year.

“It’s just like every weekend from now until Christmas. It’s pretty much, well, craziness, which is a good thing,” Troutt said.

She said it can only grow from here.

Also for the first time, technology is playing a major role in the event. Voters were able to use smartphones, iPads and computers to vote for their favorite quilts. The event also launched an app where people could connect with other attendees, view maps of the event, and post pictures and questions for anyone with the app to see.

“It’s basically just helping people connect with each other better, you know, and in this day and age of technology, that’s what everybody wants. In this day and age of smart phones, it really works well for people, because everybody just got it right there in their hand,” said AQS Director of Show Operations Terry Guill.

The app is called Whova. Anyone can download it for free.

Fall QuiltWeek runs through Saturday.

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