I am Local 6: Hooked on Science celebrates ten years

A giant cloud– skewer a balloon– an exploding pumpkin. These are just a few of the experiments you’ll find Hooked on Sciences’ Jason Lindsey performing on Saturday mornings on Local 6.

It all began ten years ago and seeing the excited faces of kids never gets old. Kids young and old have always been intrigued by the mysteries of science and today there’s a new household name when science comes to mind… Hooked on Science.

Jason Lindsey started Hooked on Science ten years ago and just completed his four thousandth event in Kentucky…but it’s not just about the show. Jason says, “The goal is to get kids to think outside of the box, take science outside of the classroom window..I know a kid gets science not because they know what matter is but because they can apply matter to the world around them.”

Hooked on Science has become integrated in many classrooms across the country like here at Crittenden County Elementary. The impact is priceless. Jenni Gilkey is the principal at Crittenden County Elementary and says, “It’s awesome seeing families doing things together, learning together.”>

Glenna’s Rich’s, mother of two, took part in Hooked on Science’s family night and appreciates the value Jason adds to her child’s education and explains, “A lot of kids have parents who can’t teach them about science in experimental ways so it is very very great that they can see him on TV and events like this at school…it’s just a wonderful thing he does.”

Beyond TV and beyond classroom demonstrations, Jason has worked to provide resources to educators in the classroom to foster growth and plant the seed of learning at an early age. Jason says, “these basic concepts that they are learning they can use not just in science class but in everyday life.”

Hooked on Science Saturday mornings is much more than “Mr. Science”, it’s Jason working to make a difference in your child’s education with each visit and each excited face at a time.

To explore all the experiments and resources available from Hooked on Science, click here.