SIU celebrates auditorium’s 100 year anniversary

Carbondale, IL- The Shryock Auditorium has been around for 100 years. To celebrate, the SIU school of music put on a concert dedicated to melodies made throughout the last century.  It was also the first concert of the year. And for many of the performers, it was the first concert of their college careers.

Tonight’s audience reminisced about the legacy of the building. It has seen a lot of things in the past 100 years. The auditorium has hosted numerous concerts, plays, and even a few politicians.
Alyssa Metelak is a freshman and member of the SIU wind ensemble. She and her alto saxophone became a part of the auditorium’s history tonight.
“The acoustics are really nice. It sounds amazing,” Metelak explained. “We wouldn’t celebrate it if it wasn’t a big deal. If people didn’t care about it, It’s been going on for this long.”
Throughout the years the auditorium had to go through a few alterations.
“Our largest updates were 1970, 1969-1971. That’s when the air conditioning got put in. Tha’s when the organ was put in,” explained Technical Director Seth Kohlhaas.
Metelak hopes that the auditorium will be around for the next hundred years.
“I hope that one day I’ll come back and perform here again. And it will still be here for the 150th anniversary or so,” said Metelak.
This fall the Shryock Auditorium will be hosting a dance performance with the Southern Illinois Dance Company.

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