Helping you through open enrollment

PADUCAH- Enrolling for health insurance can be a confusing topic. People often find themselves struggling to understand coverage, deductibles, etc. during the open enrollment season.


Open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act began November 1, allowing families to select plans for 2018.

There have been some changes this year, including the dismantling of Kynect.

We want to help you through the process of understanding it all.

Wednesday at 10:30 AM, we will hold a Question and Answer session on our Facebook Fan Page with Wendy Cooper from HollandStivers and Associates. Wendy will explain how to get your family insured for the next year and answer any of your health insurance questions.

Wendy Cooper

More about Wendy Cooper:

  • Licensed Agent since 2000
  • Worked with HollandStivers and Associates since July 2012
  • Writes plans for individual businesses, health insurance for individuals under age 65, Medicare Supplements, Advantage Plans, Medicare Prescription Drug Plans, Vision Plans and Dental Plans, etc.
  • Worked with the health insurance marketplace since 2014
  • Familiar with Kynect and


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