U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree cut down, ready for journey from Montana to Washington, D.C.

(CNN) — The journey begins for this year’s U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree.

Tuesday marked the “felling,”or cutting down, of the 81-foot tall subalpine fir.

It was chosen because of its luscious green color and full limbs.

After it was pruned, a two-crane pulley system hoisted it on top of a semi-truck and laid to rest in a wooden cradle.

For the next week, the limbs on the tree will be slowly tucked in eight inches at a time.

This will help not break any of the branches and allow it to fit inside an eight-by-eight foot plexi glass box.

Once in its box, it will head to Washington, D.C. for the tree-lighting ceremony on December 6th.

During its trip, the tree will be making a stop in Paducah.

It will arrive on Wednesday, November 22 (Thanksgiving Eve) and will be available for viewing during the kick-off of Paducah Power System’s Christmas in the Park.

You can track the tree’s journey by clicking here.