House of 1,000 Santas

(KKCO) A Colorado woman has more than 1,000 Santas decorating her home.

Karen Kalvar said it all started with one picture from the 1960’s where her mom and dad dressed as Santa and Mrs. Claus before he went off to fight in Vietnam.

Then, when she got a Santa from her kids about 25 years ago, her collection slowly began to grow and grow.

“And the momentum picked up, and every single year, somebody would get me a Santa Clause, everybody would get me a Santa Clause,” Kalvar said.

She has rocking chair Santas, Scottish Santas, a Feliz Navidad Santa and even some sillier Santas. They come in all sizes, small enough to be held in your hand to life-sized Santas.

“I just have Santas from everywhere,” Kalvar said. “I think everybody that ever touched my life has gotten me a Santa at one time or another.”

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