After stabbing, sheriff cautions stopping for stranded cars

CARLISLE COUNTY, KY – Two men are now recovering at home after a stabbing in Carlisle County.

Phillip Parker and William Simon pulled over to help a stranded car. That’s when Kentucky State Police say the man inside the car started fighting with them, and then stabbed and cut them.

KSP arrested Danny Malady on charges of public intoxication and assault.

Danny Malady

Members of law enforcement say this is a cautionary tale for good Samaritans.

Backroads, highways and byways, Carlisle County’s sheriff says in his rural county, a stranded car can mean danger.

Sheriff Steve Perry says: “Number one what they need to do is make sure their vehicle’s in top shape.”

With two people just stabbed in his county, he says it’s likely to take some time until someone can get to you. “If you’re in rural counties, there’s not enough police officers and rural counties, because they’re patrolling constantly,” he says.

Parker and Simon pulled over to help a car in a parking lot. That’s when they got in an argument with Malady, who police say stabbed and assaulted them. Members of law enforcement caution you: If you are going to stop to help another car, call 911 before you stop, and always follow your gut.

Instinct is part of what kept Paulette Melton and her husband inside their home that night.

“We thought someone was messing around these units over here at the storage units,” Melton says.

They live right across the street from where the stabbing happened, and right after Christmas, Melton says she’s glad no one lost their life.

“We’ve never had anything like that happen here that I know of, and I’ve lived here for 26 years. We’ve never seen anything like that, heard of anything like that here,” she says.

Kentucky State Police say all the men were acquainted with each other before the stabbing. Troopers say the argument was brought on because Malady was intoxicated.

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