Ballard County man helps neighbors survive the snow

BALLARD COUNTY, Ky. — Vehicles wedged in the ditch for hours and several back roads still covered in snow. These are just some of the struggles many small communities face when stuck with limited resources. That’s why people in Ballard County, Kentucky say they’re stepping up to help their community survive the snow.

Aaron Wilson is a local farmer. He helped clear the road after a snowdrift caused at least five vehicles and a semi to slide into the ditch, closing down KY 286 for several hours Saturday morning.

“I didn’t realize until I pulled one person out that they’d been there for nine hours,” says Wilson.

Local tow truck companies were busy responding to other calls that morning, which is why Wilson stepped in.

“We as farmers have the equipment and the means to help out,” says Wilson. “Help the road crews out. Help our neighbors out. We’re a small and local community that doesn’t have the resources so we kind of have to pull together and take care of our neighbors.”

Some of those neighbors don’t get snow days. They have to be at work. Wilson just wants to make sure they get there safely. So he’s putting down his plow, clearing off the side streets.

“I would rather give assistance than have our county spend a lot of resources for an event that happens once every couple years,” says Wilson.

Chase Graves says helping others is what people do in Ballard County.

Graves got stuck in a ditch on Sunday, but managed to get his truck out on his own.

“Someone would have probably came along and was ready with a rope in the back of the truck,” says Graves. “I mean, I usually carry one for this kind of thing. We all have family members. It could be somebody’s daughter in a ditch.”

Wilson says he’s certainly not the only one helping out in the snow. He says it’s a huge community effort.

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