Mary Travis, AnnaMarie Ulrich, and Randy Newcomb to “Go The Distance”

Go the distance for a happier, healthier you.

We are teaming up with Atlas Physical Therapy and Paducah Athletic Club to help 10 lucky WPSD viewers train for the Murray Half Marathon and Paducah Iron Mom. Meet our first three participants.

Mary Travis

Mary Travis is our first participant. She is 31 years old from Mayfield, Kentucky. Why does she run? Mary tells us, “I’ve forgotten how to take care of myself… I’m ready to get that feeling back!”



AnnaMarie Ulrich

Next up is AnnaMarie Ulrich. She wrote us saying she put her well-being last after the birth of her baby, the death of her mother, and other struggles. She battled depression before making a change. She writes, “I decided to do the ugly work of emotional healing and making self-love non-negotiable.” Now, AnnaMarie is excited to match the outside with the stronger person inside.

Randy Newcomb

Then there is Randy Newcomb. We broke the news that he was chosen over the phone; and he says this is exactly what he needs. Weight has always been a struggle for him; and surgery helped back in 2009. He explains, “This past summer, I had stepped on the scales and had put 30 plus pounds of the weight loss back on… I said, alright, that’s it. I’m doing something different. So, I changed my diet, and I slowly started running again.”

Newcomb said he’s now ready to train for the half marathon.

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