Potholes causing problems in Local 6 neighborhoods

PADUCAH – Pothole season is here, months ahead of schedule. The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet says it’s all because of the recent freeze and quick thaw.

This image shows just a few of the potholes causing problems across the Local 6 area right now.

Many of you have reached out to WPSD about the potholes in your neighborhood. U.S. 68 in Marshall County was the origin of most of the complaints. Businesses nearby say the highway was bad, but crews have since patched most of the potholes.

If you look closely at the roadway, you’ll notice little potholes starting to form. Even those can grow into a big problem.

Lone Oak Plaza Tire Manager Joe Sanderson says it doesn’t matter if your tires are new or old, they are all susceptible to pothole punctures.

“It kind of just pinches the tire, so it will end up busting it either on the outside or inside of the tire,” Joe explained. “If it bumps out on the tire, kind of like a blister, that means it’s a busted tire. Other than that, if it drives fine, you should be in good shape.”

Lone Oak Plaza Tire Manager Joe Sanderson discusses potholes and tires with Local 6.

When you take a sharp turn, Sanderson says a sway bar link can help prevent your vehicle from rolling over. It can also be damaged by a pothole. If you hit the dreaded divot, that could mean money out of your pocket.

“This side has the link in it. The other side was damaged. It’s gone,” said Sanderson.

The sway bar link is around $100 to fix. If the bar itself is broken, you’re looking at around $600.

“I mean, it’s going to find the weakest link, and that’s what’s going to be damaged,” said Sanderson.

A chalk outline circles a damaged are of a tire after hitting a pothole.

If you hit a pothole and your car starts to drive funny, pull over and check it out. You may have to call a tow truck.

Pay attention to the drivers in front of you. If they swerve all of a sudden, there may be a pothole ahead.

To report potholes in your community using our Pothole Patrol, click here.

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