Attorney calls harassing mail from former congressman ‘appalling’

PADUCAH, KY – Former U.S. congressman and local attorney Carroll Hubbard admits he wrote the words “two pitiful, fat, ugly, lesbians” on the page of a VUE magazine article and sent it to fellow attorney, Alisha Bobo.

The photo shows Bobo and her wife, Lisa, at a charity event Bobo sponsored.

Former McCracken County Circuit Judge Craig Clymer is representing Hubbard. He says his client admits to writing and mailing the offensive message. Clymer also tells us both Bobo and Hubbard are friends and he hopes this issue can be resolved quickly and outside a courtroom.

Carroll Hubbard

McCracken County Sheriff Jon Hayden confirms there is an open harassing communications investigation on Hubbard. Hayden tells me a conviction for sending harassing communications is a class B misdemeanor, punishable by up to three months in jail.

Bobo initially got the mail Nov. 9. She still can’t believe it, calling it “very appalling” and “disheartening.” She says it’s “very disappointing that someone, a grown person such as Mr. Hubbard — someone I previously respected — would go there.”

The two were on opposing sides of a grandparent visitation case, Bobo told me.

Bobo had a chance to confront Hubbard in a Jan. 31 hearing, which Hubbard was subpoenaed to attend. The purpose of the hearing was to discuss many motions Bobo filed; one included having Hubbard removed as counsel. She cited one reason for the motion was the hateful note. Bobo said to Hubbard in court, “You certainly acted contrary to the ethics associated with this profession, and you know exactly what I’m talking about. And it’s all been dully reported to the authorities.”

Bobo, who previously worked for Hubbard in high school, says she never anticipated getting a chance to confront him. She admits it felt good, but she adds the whole situation was very disappointing.

She didn’t hold back. “I try not to take things personally, try not to take cases personally, and things such as that, but when a fellow member of the bar and someone that I formerly looked up to up does things such as this…I do have an issue with it.”

Hubbard defended himself in court, saying Bobo hated him and alleging she was just trying to get him to perjure himself. He initially denied sending the note. Later, Bobo questioned him by asking “Is this your handwriting?” to which he replied “I’m not going to answer that, your honor,” directed to the judge.

Alisha Bobo, a local attorney, calls a harassing message mailed to her law office ”appalling”

When he was ordered to respond, under oath, he chose to seek his fifth amendment right not to answer.

The Kentucky Bar Association’s Code of Professional Courtesy states “a lawyer should not intentionally embarrass another attorney and should avoid personal criticism of other counsel.”

Bobo says she doesn’t have a personal agenda. She says it was the judge who turned over the magazine cutout to investigators. She does say Hubbard should “answer for what he did.”

Hubbard, a Democrat, served Kentucky’s 1st congressional district from 1975 to 1993. Hubbard lost his bid for re-election after becoming involved in a house banking scandal. Hubbard pleaded guilty to violations of federal campaign finance laws and served two years in federal prison from 1995 to 1997. More recently, Hubbard launched two unsuccessful attempts to seek re-election to Kentucky Senate, first in 2006 and again in 2008.

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