Flu closes an entire school district for two days

PARIS, TN – This flu season has been a bad one. One local school district shut down completely for two whole days due to illness.

The school superintendent said they’re doing everything they can, so the kids can stay healthy when they come back to school.

In her 29 years of working with students, Superintendent Norma Gerrell said the effects from this year’s flu strain are the worst she’s ever seen.

“The reports of deaths across the nation and even in, I believe there have been four deaths of children in Tennessee…and even many many more in Kentucky. It’s just not something we wanted to play with by any means,” Gerrell said.

Seeing a 12 percent drop in her district’s attendance, down from the normal 98 percent rate, Gerrell felt the need to take action.

“It became evident that our students needed to be at home. We needed to stop this spread and really disinfect everything,” Gerrell said.

While cleaning crews worked on disinfecting every classroom, they wore masks to try to protect themselves from getting sick.

“We’ve been disinfecting our buses since Wednesday, January 31st, trying to keep those germs down,” Gerrell said.

Gerrell hopes a couple of days off and a full weekend gives everyone time to recuperate.

“We want to make sure that our building is secure and safe, not only from harm, but also from the germs,” Gerrell said.

As crews finish the cleaning process, school is set to resume as normal on Monday, Feb. 12.

For information on how you and your family can stay healthy throughout this flu season, click here.

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