Paducah Bank performs ‘random acts of WOW!’

PADUCAH — When was the last time you did something nice for a stranger?

Paducah Bank and its teen ambassadors hit the streets on Wednesday to celebrate the bank’s 70th anniversary with random acts of kindness, or “random acts of WOW!”

Charli Siener could be hanging out with her friends, but she says she would rather be passing out Valentine’s Day cards at Superior Care Home in Paducah, making someone else smile.

“You can tell that some of them might not have had family visit them in a while or might not have family live close,” says Siener. “So, this probably means a lot to them, to get a Valentine.”

Over at Paducah Day Nursery, Jackie Gaines says they’re always in need of new books for the kids. The nursery got a big surprise on Valentine’s Day when the bank delivered more than 200 new books.

“We’re grateful,” says Gaines. “We do read to our children two to three times a day, and sometimes the children read to us.”

The random acts continued through lunchtime at Kirchhoff’s in Paducah, where the group danced in a flash mob. After the dance, they handed out free lunch coupons to people nearby.