Police say Fulton, Kentucky, girl sent Tennessee school threat

OBION COUNTY, TN – Many parents received a call Thursday morning they won’t forget from their child’s school board.

Another threat of a school shooting caused the Obion County and Union City school districts to go on soft lock down, and hundreds of students were checked out of school.

Soft lock down at Union City and Obion County schools due to online threat

The threat originated from a Snapchat account. A screenshot of a snap made its way onto Facebook, which caused panic among parents and students. The caption in the snap read: “please be aware the school is too have a shooting tomorrow morning at 8:15 in the morning I aware no students should go too school tomorrow morning for your best survival and safety. #staystrong #stopschoolshootings #prayers”

Union City Police Chief Perry Barfield says a 15-year-old girl from Fulton, Kentucky, sent the threat. She has been interviewed and her phone has been confiscated.

No charges have been filed at this time, but investigators are working with attorneys general in Tennessee and Kentucky to make that determination.

School is back in session Friday. Some moms and dads are still dreading putting their kids back on the bus.

Amanda Adams complimented the way Obion County Schools handled the threat, but she said it’s still a lot for her to process. “The recording that we got was that they were safe and everything was OK, but still, you know that they’re scared and you just want to hold them,” she said, with her kids in mind. “That’s all you want: to get to them, and hold them, and know they’re OK.”

She admits because school shootings have lead the news in past weeks, she’s gotten use to it. She also admits to having the false assurance something like this would never happen at her children’s school.

She’s a mother of three and wants the person responsible to know the threats aren’t funny. “When you get the call that it’s your own children, it is sheer terror because you don’t know,” she said. “This is not a joke. People have lost their lives.”

Obion County Schools Superintendent Russ Davis says he takes all threats seriously. “It’s sad to say, but this is just another thing we’re going to have to deal with on a continual basis I’m afraid,” he said.

“I think a lot of us have operated under a cloud of innocence. It hasn’t happened in our area. It won’t happen in our area. And you know, culture has changed, society has changed, and the things kids are exposed to has changed,” Davis said.

He made the decision Thursday morning to notify parents of the threat. It was a decision that left Obion County Central High School with fewer than 100 students inside. “We knew when we sent the all call out that there was a threat we were going to see an increase in check outs and student absenteeism, but parents have a right to know,” Davis said.

Davis said there is a chance there will be increased police presence at Obion County Schools on Friday. He also said Thursday was an opportunity to review current procedures for things such as threats.

This is the fourth threat we’ve seen in our area since the Marshall County shooting and the shooting in Parkland, Florida.

So far in the Local 6 area, we’ve seen threats in Joppa, Illinois, and Calloway County and Livingston County, Kentucky.

Around Kentucky, investigators have responded to threats in Jessamine, Clay, Whitley, Knox, Estill, and Fleming counties.