Mother protects son as tornado hits family farm

CALLOWAY COUNTY, KY – Quite a bit of damage is still left behind from Saturday’s storms and tornadoes. Many families are working on cleaning up.

On a family farm in Calloway County, debris is spread everywhere. Trees have been split and shreds of metal are scattered around. Amanda Goodwin, a homeowner in the county, said her trailer was lifted of the ground and moved by a tornado. She says she knows it could’ve been a lot worse.

Goodwin was sick and heading to bed Saturday night while her son played games on her phone shortly before storms hit.

“It wasn’t on my local station, so it didn’t pop up. And whenever people tried to call, he had my phone, so he was just turning it off like ‘Never mind. It’s OK ,'” Goodwin said.

The two would quickly find out that it wasn’t.

“It wasn’t ’til I heard it that it woke me up out of the bed. And then when I got up, I ran in there, and it was scary,” Goodwin said.

A concrete foundation in her backyard is the only thing left from a grain silo. The tornado picked it up, carried it 50 feet and dropped it next to her grandparents’ house.

“The walls of the trailer started to shake, and then I could feel — I don’t know if it was the bricks under the foundation, or piping,  or something — hit the bottom of the floorboards and stuff. And I could feel the house moving,” Goodwin said.

With seconds to act, Amanda and her son Aiden ran next door to her grandparents’ brick house for cover. Aiden said the short run there was scary.

“I thought that the wind was still really strong, and pick up something really heavy and hit us when we were running” Aiden recalled.

Luckily, it didn’t. While that night Amanada questioned whether they would make it out, she said now she’s looking at the positives.

“As bad as we have it here, I’ve seen people in my news feed that have totally lost their homes. So, hopefully our’s can be saved at this point, but at least we still have our health and everything,” Goodwin said.

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