More floodgates to be installed in Paducah

PADUCAH, KY — The City of Paducah says it will be installing more flood walls.

Wednesday afternoon, the National Weather Service updated the forecast crest for the Ohio River from 50 feet to 51 feet.

On Sunday, crews had installed 14 floodgates which can protect the city to a flood stage of 51 feet. With the new crest increasing to 51 feet, and the possibility of it increasing again, more floodgates are to be installed.

Crews from the Engineering-Public Works and Parks & Recreation Departments will be working Thursday and Friday to close nine more gate openings as a precaution. These gates will protect the city from a flood stage of 53 feet.

The floodgate at 4th Street and Park Avenue will be closed on Friday. The roadway access to the Paducah-McCracken County Convention Center complex from Campbell Street will remain open unless there is another significant increase in the forecast crest.

The city expects the 23 gates to be closed for several days. The Ohio River is expected to reach 51 feet by Sunday, March 4 and hold there for more than a week. The river should start dropping March 12 with it dropping below flood stage on March 14.

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