Local students plan their own March of Our Lives rally

CALVERT CITY, KY — Student safety and security, mental health and home life, compassion and unity: These are just some of the things students are planning to talk about at Saturday’s Marshall County March for Our Lives rally.

Local students picked Mitch Coy to emcee the event in Calvert City.

“We’ve had kids say ‘If we would have done what the kids in Parkland did when this happened here, maybe Parkland wouldn’t have happened,'” says Coy. “They carry that with them, and it’s just a group, a generation of young people saying ‘No more.'”

Coy says the adults helped set up parking, permits and payments, but the students did everything else. “This really is their event,” he says.

Some of those student will be taking the stage, speaking out for the first time since the shooting at Marshall County High School.

“These kids aren’t saying ‘Lets just take everybody’s guns away,'” says Coy. “They’re saying, ‘Let me be able to go to school and not think I’m going to die that day. I hate that so many kids, it seems like, are being bullied by adults for wanting to stand up for that.”

Coy says there will be several guest speakers and live music at the event.

Marshall County March for Our Lives will begin at 1 p.m. on Saturday at Memorial Park in Calvert City.

WPSD will be streaming the rally live on Facebook and on our website.

The Marshall County rally is happening on the same day as the national march, where thousands of students will take to the streets in Washington, D.C., demanding their lives and safety become a priority and for an end to gun violence and mass shootings in schools.

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