Students rally for change at Marshall County March for Our Lives

CALVERT CITY, Ky. — Local students and families are demanding change to current gun laws.

Hundreds of people attended the Marshall County March for Our Lives rally, Saturday, at Memorial Park in Calvert City, Kentucky.

Several local students got up on stage to share their stories; some of them for the first time since a classmate opened fire at Marshall County High School on January 23, killing two and injuring 18 others.

Freshman student, Lily Dunn, says she’s too young to vote but not too young to have a voice.

“If I am old enough to get shot at, I am old enough to say what I want,” says Dunn. “It took me quite a while to find my voice; but now that I have, I will not stay silent. School used to be my second home. But until we get change, I will never feel safe there again.”

WPSD streamed the rally live on Facebook fan page. Click here to watch the live recording.