Winnie’s Wish saves four-legged friends

GRAND CHAIN, IL – Stray cats are a problem many of you may have around your home or neighborhood. But what happens to those cat and kittens who are left to fend for themselves? Some end up euthanized. Others die from being outside in the elements or from diseases. One woman in Grand Chain, Illinois is making it her mission to rescue as many friends on four legs as she can.

“Hi kitty, kitties,” crooned animal rescuer Chrystal Parker. Welcome to Winnie’s Wish. ” With the kennel and 3 rooms here, I have room for about 25 or 30 cats. And I have 25 now,” said Parker.

Parker takes me inside of her cat rescue mission. ” I take in what I can and I nurture them back to health and they get to live a decent life here,” explained Parker. Her mission is named after Winnie. Winnie was one kitten who died after 2 days of unconditional love.


What does it take to run a cat rescue like Winnie’s Wish? It takes hundreds of pounds of cat food and kitty litter. Other costs that’s non negotiable are spaying and neutering. “So reproduction for homeless cats or those even with homes the numbers are ridicules,” said Parker.

Parker has saved cats from abuse and starvation. Here you can see the lucky ones. “I’ll tell you how I keep doing it though. When I take one in and they recover and they are living a comfortable, happy and content life. That brings me joy.” said Parker. The very best thing is when a cat gets adopted.

You can check out Chrystal Parker’s animal blog at

Chrystal Parker has written two books with hopes of bringing in more funds for Winnie’s Wish. You can find “Nice is Better” and “daily dose of dogs (aka cats with your coffee)” on amazon. “daily dose of dogs (aka cats with your coffee)” shares the success and sorrows from Winnie’s Wish. Parker says the book is for you if you’re a person who enjoys stories of animals who didn’t have a home and were rescued. It’s kind of a feel good book.



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