Artist’s work with denim stands out in quilting crowd

Artist: Ian Berry

PADUCAH, KY- Denim and quilting are two things you wouldn’t necessarily assume go together. Ian Berry says you can create amazing pieces of art combining the two.

Berry, who is originally from England, is an artist who has traveled all over the world to share his work with denim. This week, he’s getting the AQS QuiltWeek experience in Paducah.

His work stands out in a crowd of quilters.

Artist: Ian Berry

“There’s no manipulation. There’s no bleach. There’s no paint,” Berry said, explaining his work with denim.

“It’s just layers and layers of different shades of denim.”

Creating portraits, landscapes, rooms with stairs —this artist’s passion for the material that most of us wear without a second thought started out as a hobby.

“Then it developed, when I noticed people’s reactions when they saw them, and then they started asking ‘Oh, could you do this person? Could you do that person?” Berry said.

Artist: Ian Berry

He could do the things that were asked of him, and really well. Berry said lots of people have stopped to marvel at his work during AQS QuiltWeek. They asked him questions, even snapped a picture or two.

He says he’s thankful for the time he spent in Paducah.

“Met so many people, been invited to dinner every night, shown around, looked after,” Berry said.

The city has embraced him, he says, and his unique perspective on the world.

“The art community in Paducah is really something quite special,” said Berry.

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