Jail supervisor caught on camera sexually abusing subordinate, lawsuit claims


MCCRACKEN COUNTY, KY — McCracken County Jail staff said a then supervisor was caught on surveillance video sexually abusing his subordinate.

Chad Campbell is a former corporal with the jail. He’s charged in a criminal case with two counts of felony sexual abuse and one count misdemeanor sexual harassment.

Now, his accuser is suing him, Jailer Tonya Ray, and the county over how they handled the case. There are six counts: hostile work environment, quid pro quo harassment, intentional infliction of emotional distress, assault and battery, negligence, negligent hiring supervision and retention.

The accuser’s lawyer, Ashley White, said her client was harassed with unwanted kisses, inappropriate touches, and requests for sexual favors in return for career help. “From February to May, my client was subject to sexual harassment, but ultimately the sexual assault occurred on or about May 9th of last year,” White explained.

White said the timing of the suit has nothing to do with politics —something that has been questioned due to the upcoming jailer election. She filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in November, and recently received a right to sue letter with 90 days to take action.

Chad Campbell

The victim says the harassment and abuse happened inside the jail, and that it was all caught on surveillance video, but now that video is missing.

Ray watched the video and turned the case over to the McCracken County Sheriff’s Department.

“That’s interesting, because they’ve seen the video and watched the video, but now that’s disappeared,” White said.

Ray said the old surveillance system at the jail would record over itself after a certain amount of time. “We had no way to record these videos,” she said. “Since then, we have put in a new camera system —since I’ve been here. We are able to record video, but unfortunately we couldn’t record the video then. It’s not that I’m trying to withhold it.”

Ray said she did not receive reports of sexual harassment involving Campbell and the plaintiff before the assault happened, but White said Campbell had a history of problems that Ray should have known about.

“He was on suspension for sexually assaulting a female inmate,” White said. “Even if she didn’t have direct knowledge, which our witnesses say that she did — we actually have a witness who had a conversation with Jailer Ray — she certainly had knowledge of his propensity to sexually harass female inmates.”

The employee left her position at the jail in October. White said they are seeking more than just money. She said her client wants policies changed regarding how sexual harassment and assaults in the jail are handled to prevent future victims.

White said people have started coming forward about what they know, and she believes there could be more victims in this case.

Campbell is expected to appear in court for his criminal case on June 18 for a pretrial conference for the sexual abuse and harassment charges.

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