Tim and Becky King’s funeral home licenses suspended

BENTON, KY — A state body has suspended the licenses of a husband and wife who own a local funeral home, a local newspaper reports.

Tim and Becky King of  Filbeck-Cann and King Funeral Home in Benton, Kentucky, have faced an investigation into a complaint made to the Kentucky Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors. The two also pleaded guilty to fraud charges in Graves County in April. The charges in that case were out of Marshall County, but the case was moved to Graves County after Marshall County Circuit Court Judge Jamie Jameson recused himself. They have also been charged in McCracken County with issuing cold checks.

Last week, the board suspended each of the Kings’ licenses as part of an agreed order, The Marshall County Tribune-Courier reports. The suspensions were announced during a KBEFD hearing as part of an agreed order.

The paper reports that Tim King’s license is suspended for seven years. After seven years, he will have to pass the funeral directors laws exam before he can reapply for his license. Becky King’s license is suspended with probation for five years. That means she can continue to work, if she doesn’t have any further violations. She also has to pass the funeral directors laws exam in June to continue working, the paper says.

Under the agreed order, the two each are required to pay a $10,000 fine within 30 days of the agreed order. The Kings agreed to be responsible for their own attorney fees and costs, the Tribune-Courier reports, and they can’t publicly discuss anything about the terms of the complaint made against them or the settlement of it.

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