Officer’s emotional last sign off resonates with thousands

MARSHALL COUNTY, KY – We can all relate to the feeling of wanting our loved ones to get home safely. For families of law enforcement officers and first-responders, that’s an every day thing.

A beautiful day outside with family and no worries. This is Brett Edwards’ life now. For the past 30 years, he has been serving others. “It was my dream. From the time I was a child, I wanted to be a police officer,” Edwards said. “30 years total in law enforcement and 5 years in E.M.S.”

He served 15 years at the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office and 15 years at Paducah Police.

“I appreciate all first-responders I’ve worked with and the law enforcement in Marshall County as a whole,” Edwards said during his final sign off. His last day on the job was recorded by his daughter.

It’s viewed over 10 thousand times online, but it’s the person behind the camera that’s really seen it all. “I was five years old when he graduated from the police academy,” Brittany Spalding said.

She remembers the pride and the fear of having a dad who put his life on the line daily. “Most families of police officers know the really loud Velcro sound of the gun belt coming off,” she said. “That always let us know he was home safe. He was done. He was home. So the final sign off was he’s home safe for good.”

Looking back on photos of her dad in uniform, she feels proud to have a role model for her kids.

Edwards said his last few months were some of his hardest. “January 23rd, 2018… probably the worse day on the job.” He’s talking about the Marshall County High School shooting.

“You experience so much, you see so much, it wears on you. You know when it’s time.”

It was his time and now he’s home for good.

Edwards started his retirement just a few days ago and is looking forward to relaxing and spending more time with family.

You can watch the full video of his sign off here.

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