Marshall County HS shooting survivor gets check, focusing on the positives

MARSHALL COUNTY, KY — Months after the Marshall County High School shooting, one victim’s family said they are focused on healing. “We believe that God has brought us this far. He’s not going to let us down now,” Christa Hall said.

Her son, Mason Cosner, was shot in the neck on Jan. 23.

On Monday, most of the families of those killed and wounded were given donations you gave. The money comes from fundraisers held by communities that was then given to the local Rotary club to hold onto.

Mason was one of 14 students wounded in the shooting. The bullet is still in his neck.

Two students died in the shooting —Preston Cope and Bailey Holt, both 15.

On June 6, Mason deposited his check. He’s putting the money toward his future —college. That won’t be for another two years, so for now he’s focused on healing and finding the good in the situation.

Jan. 23 was a morning he and his mom don’t like to talk about much.

“I dropped the boys off at school,” Hall said. “I prayed for them all the way to school, just like I always do. I sat down at my desk and I heard lots of commotion on the radio.”

“I heard we need two ambulances at Dr. Doss’s office,” she recalled. “I texted both boys to see what was going on, and Christian said he was OK and Mason said ‘I’m fine. I just got hit in the face.'” Christian, Mason’s twin, was trampled during the chaos. What hit Mason was a bullet.

“For a boy that was shot in the head, he was very calm,” his father, Scott Cosner, said.

Mason is a normal teen. He doesn’t say much.

“I usually don’t think about it too much. I don’t really think about it much since it happened,” Mason said. The family doesn’t want to talk about what happened. They want to focus on the good that has come from the shooting.

“After the shooting, he couldn’t wait to get back to school,” Scott said. “So, as long as he’s good with it, we are more than ready for him to get on with his junior and senior year and get on with his life.”

“When I got back to school, everything started getting better,” Mason said. “I started running again. I got to see all my friends. It just kept on getting better and better.” Mason said he wanted to come back to school. He and Christian are not letting a tragedy define their experience in the halls of Marshall County High School.

“We can go through a tough time, and we can take it with whatever we got and get through it, because we are a close community,” Mason said. He said that’s what “Marshall Strong” means to him.

He has another surgery set for June 25. The bullet will stay in his neck.

As for more Marshall Strong funds coming from the Rotary club, President Steve Frisk said if there is any leftover money or money raised in the future, it will go to the victims in some way. The Rotary Club is considering a memorial or more scholarships for money not used.

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