Man experiences close call as storms rapidly moved in

PADUCAH, KY — Many of you are out picking up debris days after a storm ripped through our area. In Downtown Paducah, crews are still working to get a huge mess cleaned up at the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.

Sky 6 captured from video and photos of the damage from the air. Rooms of the loft above the Visitor’s Bureau were exposed from portions of the roof being peeled back from strong winds. The man living there says had a close call when storms paid him an unexpected visit.

“This was where I was coming in when the storm was coming and I was trying to hold this door back and I barely could. It came so fast. Then the rain came so I was trying to take care of all of my historical things of Paducah that I really love so well,” Bennett Chambers said.

Chamber’s is a native of Tennessee that moved here 13 years ago. He says he scrambled to get back to his apartment when he realized serious storms were heading his way.

Bennett says he was walking down the sidewalk in front of his loft from dinner when he felt some bricks on his shoulders and later realized the roof of his bedroom was crumbling. He walked later walked into his bedroom only to find brick and rubble in the same place where he sleeps at night.

“I sleep on the floor because I have a bad back and there was another half bed here so I would’ve been crushed,” Chambers said.

He believes he could’ve been killed had he been in his loft asleep where he normally goes to bed at the time the storms hit.

“I’m a very spiritual person. I believe it was an act of God. It wasn’t my time,” Chambers said.

With much more work left to be done and sentimental photos gone, Chambers says he’s happy to have his life and his health; both of which he says can be stripped away in an instant.

“I lost a lot of family pictures and that’s what I can’t get back, you know? but I’m thankful,” Chambers said.

Thankful for every hour, minute, and precious second he still has.

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