Locals trying to return home from Haiti amid protests

MARION, KY – Many Americans are stuck in Haiti as violent protests continue there in the capital, Port-au-Prince.

The protests over gas prices have led to airlines canceling flights from the island.  The U.S. Embassy is warning U.S. citizens on the island to shelter in place.
The prayers don’t stop at Life in Christ Church, but during this Sunday service their prayers are for some of their own.
“They were supposed to fly out Saturday morning,” Pastor Chris McDonald said. “We got a call on Friday that their flight had been cancelled and that all the riots were going on and they wouldn’t be able to leave. But they were okay. They are in a secure location.”
McDonald is praying with his congregation for the mission group to return home. The congregation was smaller than usual because at least 20 of these empty seats represent the mission group that is still stuck in Haiti.
“They could see a lot of smoke from tires burning in the street,” McDonald described. The protests are affecting communication and making it hard for people here to know what’s going on.
McDonald was texting the trip leader back and forth but it is hard for them to get service to respond. McDonald texted them a prayer.
The congregation has faith that they’ll reunite in no time. “They got transportation. They got to the airport. They are safe,” he said.
Meanwhile, the mission group is already asking the pastor if they can go back next year. “You know you can’t just stop doing what you are supposed to do because of a little chaos,” he said. “So we just believe you know. We’re going to pray. We’re going to believe God. We’re not going to be naïve about it, but if we have peace about it and know it’s the peace of God, we are going to pursue what he wants us to do.”

The last text from the trip leader says “just need airplane.” McDonald replied “and you shall have one.”

As of Sunday evening, they got one. The group of 20 has landed safely in Miami and should make it back to West Kentucky sometime on Monday.
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