Local representatives declare war on carp

GRAND RIVERS, KY — Lyon County Judge Executive Wade White is declaring a war on carp.

Asian carp have been plaguing local fishermen at Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley for many years now. The invasive species is so prevalent that some think the area may never rid itself of the carp problem.

“I don’t know if we are going to be able to fix this infection of carp,” says professional bass fisherman Mark Menendez.

Menendez says the Asian carp problem could cost the local economy big time.

“The economic impact it’s gonna’ have on our area and the mid-south is going to translate to the millions” Menendez says.

Even recreational fishers have felt the pains of the Asian carp problem.

“They’re so thick, so plentiful that they are depleting the numbers of our bait source,” says longtime recreational fisherman Eddie Overholts.

Lyon County Judge Executive Wade White is hoping to fix the problem with a campaign he is calling the War on Carp. White hopes the effort will help secure funding from Congress to address the issue.

Menendez says there are some solutions that might help.

“There are some ways we can manage them naturally, but it’s gonna’ take governmental efforts together to do it,” says Menendez.

Fishermen in west Kentucky hope solutions will be found soon.

“We’ve got to work quickly to address this problem,” says Menendez.

White says a website for the War on Carp will be launched in the next few days. In addition to asking Congress for funding, the project also will set up a place where people can donate money to commercial fishers so they have the resources to catch Asian carp and sell them.

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