Groundwater contamination possible from Calvert City landfill

CALVERT CITY, KY – The landfill in Calvert City, Kentucky, was recently found to not be in compliance with state regulations.

Most of the trash in Marshall County goes to the landfill in Calvert City. That landfill is creating concerns though for people who live nearby.

“I’m very concerned about what’s going on over there,” says Adrian Sporea, who lives just miles away from the landfill.

Sporea says he loves where lives, but the landfill can be a nuisance.

“I love it here. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else, but since the landfill has gone in, yes we have seen it go from the bottom up,” Sporea says.

Recent inspections showed that the liner that keeps waste from getting into groundwater had lifted, possibly causing it to leak.

“My No. 1 concern is that there may be issues and how proactively we are going to address them,” says Calvert City Mayor Lynn Jones.

Jones says the possibility groundwater contamination is troubling for his city.

“I don’t want it to be the same kind of issue to where it is beyond our comprehension,” Jones says.

Sporea just hopes a solution comes quickly.

“If they have to spend money, they have to do it. They can’t let this stuff go into the ground. It’s too dangerous,” says Sporea.

The Marshall County 109 Board is currently working with the Division of Waste Management to come up with solutions to make sure the landfill is in compliance. The next meeting to discuss the landfill issue will be on July 20. People from the Division of Waste Management will be there, along with Marshall County Judge Executive Kevin Neal.

The landfill is a Wast Path landfill. The company sent Local 6 a statement it created regarding an article recently published in the Marshall County Tribune-Courier about this same issue. It reads:

An article was recently published on July 10, 2018 in the Marshall County Tribune-Courier titled “State says landfill non-compliant.” This article was printed without any information from Waste Path. Waste Path wishes to respond to the assertions in the article and to provide information regarding Waste Path’s compliance with the laws and regulations of the Kentucky Division of Waste Management (“DWM”).

Unexpected amounts of rain caused certain conditions that resulted in DWM issuing a Notice of Violation (NOV) to Waste Path for excess rain water that mixed with leachate in the landfill. The water is contained within the landfill area and is not discharging into the waters of the Commonwealth. Waste Path immediately took actions and is working with DWM to remedy any alleged issue. The plan currently being implemented involves pre-treating the water and then pumping directly to Calvert City’s Sewer System pursuant to a permit issued by Calvert City. Throughout this process, DWM has remained fully informed of the conditions and Waste Path’s efforts, including conducting weekly inspections monitoring Waste Path’s efforts to remedy the conditions that resulted in the NOV.

The Tribune-Courier article states that a meeting with Deborah Delong and Lynn True occurred at Calvert City’s City Hall last week. Waste Path was not aware of the meeting, did not attend the meeting, and was not given any opportunity to respond to the allegations made at the meeting.

Waste Path takes its environmental responsibilities seriously and will continue to manage its operations and take steps to remain in full compliance with all environmental laws.

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