Local sheriff’s department issuing special tickets to kids

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, KY — A local sheriff’s department is working to break down barriers and build relationships with families in the community.

McCracken County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Jared Rivera keeps a special pencil in the sun visor in his patrol car. A little girl gave it to him several years ago after he responded to a domestic violence call.

“When dispatch would tell us we just got a call from a little girl, we would know exactly where it was because she had called several times,” says Rivera. “We ended up having to arrest her step-father. She had just got done trick or treating.”

Inside her bag of goodies was the pencil, a gift she gave to Rivera after creating a deep bond with him and other deputies.

“Little things like that make it all worth it. Dealing with all the issues and the troubles and having, you know, people get upset or dislike us just because we wear a badge,” says Rivera. “But hopefully, programs like this will just give us more interaction with kids.”

Rivera is talking about a new program at the McCracken County Sheriff’s Department called Tickets for Good Behavior. Unlike a typical ticket from a cop, this one doesn’t come with a fine. But it does come with a catch: you must do something good. Then share your story with a McCracken County deputy. They’ll write you up for your chance to win a free bike.

“Make the children of the county comfortable talking to us, which in turn will hopefully change the overall outlook of everyone because those kids are going to be the future of the county,” says Rivera.

Ticketing officially starts July 13 and goes until August 3. Kids between five and 12-years-old will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win one of six bicycles.

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