Superintendents declare ‘no confidence’ in TNReady standardized test

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — The superintendents of the state’s two largest school districts have declared “no confidence” in TNReady after problems emerged with the standardized assessment.

The Tennessean reports Shelby County Schools Director Dorsey Hopson and Metro Nashville Public Schools Director Shawn Joseph issued the Friday letter that calls for halting the standardized assessment and the convening of an educator working group.

The letter addressed to Gov. Bill Haslam and Tennessee Education Commissioner Candice McQueen says they’re challenged to explain to students and others why they should accept a test that hasn’t been effectively deployed. It also cites money spent to prepare for TNReady.

This year, it was revealed that unauthorized changes to the online test caused issues for students.

A Tennessee Department of Education spokeswoman says neither Haslam or McQueen have received the letter.

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