Firefighters working to put out Benton, Kentucky, house fire

UPDATE: A house fire that broke out around 6:30 p.m. Thursday is extinguished after about three hours of hard work by local firefighters.

The home that caught fire is at Birch and 11th streets in Benton, Illinois.

Benton Fire Chief Harry Green tells Local 6 the house is a total loss.

The American Red Cross is helping the family displaced by the fire. There is no word yet on what exactly caused the blaze.

BENTON, KY — Firefighters are working to put out a burning home in Benton, Kentucky, Thursday night.

Benton Fire Chief Harry Green tells Local 6 he believes five people were in the house when the fire started, but everyone got out safely.

One woman was treated for smoke inhalation.

Green says family members believe the fire started in the kitchen. The extent of the damage is not yet known, because firefighters haven’t been able to go inside yet as of 8:30 p.m. Thursday.

The chief says Palma Fire Department is assisting Benton firefighters. Benton police and the Red Cross have also responded.

We will bring you more information on this story as details emerge.

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