Marshall County students get warm welcome on first day of school

MARSHALL COUNTY, KY — Marshall County High School students returned Thursday for the new school year, nearly seven months after a deadly school shooting. Folks in their community showed up to do what they could to uplift them on a difficult day.

“We appreciate all the support and prayers, and it just means so much,” said Scott Cosner. People greeted Marshall County High School students with waves and smiles. “You have a great day!” said one greeter. “You too!”

Cosner’s twin boys were injured during the tragedy in January. One was trampled, the other is recovering from a gunshot wound. He says that they can get through this tragedy. “All the families are fairly close and try to support each other this morning. We’re out here to support our kids,” said Cosner.

Ladonna Coriell, one of Marshall County’s 911 operators explained what she wanted to tell the students Thursday. “I want kids to know. We always say we are Marshall Strong. Those kids are Marshall Strong. They were strong way before Jan. 23. They just didn’t realize how strong they were, but they proved it that day, and they will continue to be strong,” said Coriell.

Marshall Strong signs sit at both entrances of Marshall County High School. Signs will be picked up in a couple of days. What will remain are the well wishes and support for this tight-knit community.

People want to be here for the students, but they didn’t know how. That’s how Mayor Rita Dotson said the plan for Thursday’s welcome started. She said she hopes the support will continue. “Be thinking of us, and if you hear of anything out in the community, reach out to us,” she said.

It’s a community that will need one another as the healing process moves forward. “I think it’s just great what we do for the kids and the community supporting them,” said Cosner.

That support is not going anywhere.

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