McCracken County School Board takes step towards new middle school project

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, KY — Local education leaders are taking the next step to build a new middle school.

The McCracken County School Board ratified a petition to close T. Underwood Drive during a meeting Thursday. The road cuts across property slated for the new Lone Oak Middle School.

The road must be closed before construction bids can be submitted for approval to the Kentucky Department of Education.

The local school board is required by law to file the petition with the McCracken County Fiscal Court to start the road closure process. If approved, the petition will also grant a right of ingress and egress to a county cemetery — meaning the right to enter and exit the cemetery property. The cemetery is served by T. Underwood Drive, and the rights of ingress and egress would allow for two parking spaces near the entrance for people visiting the cemetery.

Once the local school board has approval from the fiscal court and the state school board, the next step will be a deed of easement. A deed of easement is a legal agreement that would let the school district use the cemetery property even though it does not own that property.