Paper mill in Wickliffe to create 500 jobs

WICKLIFFE, KY – After sitting idle for two years, the paper mill in Wickliffe, Kentucky, is re-opening. Chinese paper manufacturing company Global Win is buying the mill from its previous owner, Verso.

“It generated a lot of money for Ballard County,” says Lawrence Otey. He worked at the Wickliffe paper mill for 43 years. He says it was devastating when it closed down.

“For the guys that worked there, they never thought it would ever close, and a lot of people lost their jobs,” says Otey.

Those people will have a chance to get their jobs back. When the mill is back up and running, it will create 500 full-time jobs.

Ballard County Judge Executive Todd Copper says he thinks the re-opening of the mill will help local restaurants and grocery stores, too.

“There has been one re-open and another one is talking about re-opening, so we do believe it will be a tremendous support for our local business,” says Cooper.

Otey hopes that the mill re-opening will give Wickliffe the opportunity to grow again.

“Some of the houses around here that have been empty, there will be new people coming in here, maybe some of them will sell” says Otey. “I want to see this place back up and running again.”

Global Win says it hopes to be fully operational by early 2019.

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