New 4-way stop catching drivers off guard in Paducah

PADUCAH — Drive like your kids live here. You may have seen that sign driving through Paducah. It’s just down the road from where a new four-way stop was put in. Police have been out monitoring the area.

The new stop signs are at the intersection of Buckner Lane and Sycamore Drive in Paducah. Buckner lane is a main road in Paducah that takes you all the way downtown.

It stays busy during the day, and people often speed through. The new stop signs have been catching drivers off guard.

Clark Elementary sits right by the new four-way stop. “It’s really kind of dangerous during dismissal when we have kids on the street,” said Principal Stephen Ybarzabal. “A lot of parents loading cars, things like that.”

Even in a school zone, Ybarzabal said people don’t slow down. “A lot of cars, especially headed toward downtown, because they are coming downhill,” he said. “It is really easy to look down and realize you are going 10, 15 miles over the speed limit unintentionally.”

We saw it for ourselves multiple times.

Paducah Police Officer Gretchen Morgan said the area is known for speeding. “I was out there for 15 to 20 minutes today. I saw two people run the stop sign and many close calls,” she said.

But, because Monday was the first day with the stop signs, drivers got away with just a warning. “We will monitor the area to allow people to get some education,” Morgan said. “Get them used to there being a stop sign there. It’s new. We will start enforcing it for about a week or so.”

If you run the stop sign, you could have to pay up to $164. That’s how much the ticket and court fees add up to.

“It’s a great idea,” Ybarzabal said. “It slows people down going down that hill before they get to the school zone, especially in the morning and the afternoon, and hopefully it is safer for everyone.”

He said this stop sign will be good for families who live in the neighborhood who have kids who play outside and cross the street to go to friends’ houses.

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