Harvest Emergency declared in Illinois

SPRINGFIELD, IL — Governor Bruce Rauner has issued a harvest emergency in Illinois.

Starting Monday, September 10th and going through December 31, farmers and crop haulers will be able to get free Illinois Department of Transportation permits to exceed legal maximum gross vehicle and gross axle weight limits or the vehicle’s registered gross weight, whichever is less, by no more than 10 percent on state and federal highways under IDOT’s jurisdiction, except interstates.

The free permits mean farmers will not have to pay fees if their semis are overloaded with crops they are taking to market, processing, or storage.

Farmers who want to take advantage must obtain a route authorization number every two weeks. Permits can be obtained online by clicking here.

The harvest emergency will be in place until a new law takes effect next year. The new measure allows for an annual harvest-season easing of gross vehicle and gross axle weight limits for agricultural commodities haulers with a free permit.