No answers from city leaders on missing former Kuttawa city clerk, missing

KUTTAWA, KY — Thousands of your tax dollars are missing, and the former city clerk accused of taking them is still nowhere to be found.

As we reported in July, Kuttawa’s former city clerk Katie Harrison stopped showing up to work. We also learned recently Kuttawa’s mayor admitted to signing blank checks for Harrison and her husband that were cashed out.

The Kuttawa City Council met again Monday.

We asked Kuttawa Mayor Lee McCollum as a public official to answer the public’s questions on the whereabouts of the previous city clerk and the money — first during the time allotted for public commentary and again after the meeting.

“What about all the money that was — the couple thousand dollars that were owed?”

“I’m not gonna discuss the missing money,” McCollum said.

Many of you at the meeting also demanded transparency on a number of issues, encouraging the community to work together to solve them.

“To call it a public meeting is just that. It’s a public meeting,” one citizen said to the city council.

We contacted Kentucky State Police regarding the investigation, and we haven’t heard back.

The city of Kuttawa released a statement on Aug. 29, confirming Harrison is no longer an employee of the city.

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