Apple launches iPhone XS, XR phones

(NBC News) — Apple has announced three new iPhones.

The iPhone XS Max, features a 6.5 inch display, the biggest ever on an iPhone.

The company also gave it a small-screened little brother called the iPhone XS.

Both devices have revved-up processing power and upgraded cameras and prices start at $999.

The big buzz comes from a goldilocks phone, a device the Apple hopes is just right: the iPhone XR.

“iPhone XR will allow us to deliver the future of the smartphone to even more people,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook.

The iPhone XR has a larger screen than last year’s original X, but the main feature is a smaller price tag, which is around $750.

It has the same camera and face ID as the other iPhones, but comes dressed in a more colorful wardrobe.

Also released Wednesday was the next-generation Apple Watch, the Series 4, which is 30 percent larger than the previous version and has electrocardiogram technology to record your heart’s rhythm.

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