Graves County sheriff remains in race despite allegations

MAYFIELD, KY — With election day less than two months away, Graves County Sheriff Dewayne Redmon remains the only candidate in the sheriff’s race, despite the ongoing criminal case against him and his loss of responsibilities as a result.

Local 6 spoke with Chief Deputy Davant Ramage about the current state of the sheriff’s office after Redmon was accused of stealing hydrocodone from a drug disposal dropbox.

“For right now, I will be in charge of the sheriff’s office. That will continue until or unless Mr. Redmon resigns his office as sheriff or he’s convicted of a crime,” Ramage explained. “If either one of those two things happen, it would be up to the judge executive to appoint an interim sheriff and then await an election for a sheriff.”

Redmon has been out of the office due to the investigation and for health reasons, according to his lawyer. Ramage said at first, it was unclear who would be making what decisions at the sheriff’s office. But on Tuesday, the roles became more clear when he met with Christian County Circuit Judge John Atkins, the special judge in this case, who informed Ramage about the responsibilities that Redmon can have. Ramage said Redmon can oversee tax collection and any probates that he’s been assigned, but nothing else.

Despite his limited role, “Sheriff Redmon has made the statement that he would not resign his position,” said Ramage.

Ramage said the whole situation has been “difficult and trying” for the sheriff’s office.

“Anytime that you have something of this magnitude occur within an agency where the head of the agency is accused of committing crimes, then it’s certainly a distraction,” said Ramage. “It’s a distraction not only for the people that work there, but it’s a distraction for the community that it serves.”

Ramage said the allegations against Redmon were brought to light during an internal investigation by members of the sheriff’s office, before handing the case over to the Kentucky State Police.

“There are good men and women that work with the Graves County Sheriff’s Department, and in this particular instance, they have done the right thing and we feel like that will be bore out here during the course of this event,” said Ramage.

Ramage added that he hasn’t been in much contact with Redmon, but during the few times that he has, the communication was “strained.”

“Both sides of this have been guarded because of the situation,” said Ramage. “Both sides have been careful as to what they’ve said, what they’ve not said, trying not to make a bad situation worse.”

Local 6 called Redmon Thursday and left a message, but we did not hear back. We also called Graves County Clerk Devonda Wilford to ask about possible scenarios regarding Redmon in the sheriff election. She said she’s been working with officials in Frankfort about steps to take.

The deadline to declare to be a write-in candidate is 4 p.m. on Oct. 26.

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