Lyon County to have biggest solar panel farm in Kentucky by 2022

LYON COUNTY, KY  Soon, 800 acres of farmland in Lyon County will become the largest solar power farm in Kentucky. It will be among the top 2 percent of largest solar power plants in the nation.

Kaye Phelps has called this place home for more than 30 years.

“It’s open, there’s not much traffic,” Phelps said. “And you know it’s just out in the farms or out in the open.”

During that time, her home has always been the same with the same view.

Wednesday was the first she heard about the solar panel farm project, which she will be able to see right outside her window.

“The lights you put out in the yard,” Phelps said. “I’ve got a little solar calculator that I use all the time.”

From solar calculators to a solar panel backyard, Phelps said she thinks it’s the way of the future.

It takes 3,000 solar panels to produce one megawatt of power. The Lyon County project could generate up to 86 megawatts. That’s more than 200,000 solar panels to produce electricity for 14,000 homes.

Lyon County Judge Executive Wade White says western Kentucky has cheap electricity costs. He believes the project will make his county among the most competitive for companies looking to relocate or expand.

“A lot of them look at our electrical cost and choose Kentucky — and choose western Kentucky — because of those low electrical costs,” White said. “If this can shave down and keep prices lower, that’s a positive economic impact.”

White thinks a lot of people will drive down just to see the farm, because it will be soon the biggest in Kentucky.

“It should bring certain people to this area that probably will have certain engineering degrees,” White said. “I think it’s going to be a positive thing. Looking forward to it.”

Phelps said she doesn’t think it will change her simple life on the farm. But, she sees the project as a positive change. “I’ve seen several, and it is good. It’s the future,” she said.

The solar panel farm project will begin within the next year and should be completed by 2022.

It’s part of a 20-year agreement with Kentucky Municipal Energy Agency and Open Road Renewables.

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