Neighbors praying for family of woman killed in house fire

LA CENTER, KY – Martha Feezer died in a house fire early Friday morning. She was 81 years old. Most of Feezer’s neighbors looked on in shock as her house went up in flames.

“That’s some bad stuff,” says Walter Pirtle.

Pirtle lives across the street from where the fire happened. He says his son called 911 when he saw sparks coming from Feezer’s house.

“They came and woke me up, told me there was a big fire, so I got up and was out here watching it,” says Pirtle.

Pirtle says it’s hard to believe something like this could happen in his neighborhood.

“When you see something like that, it makes you feel pretty bad, you know, that people, that you know, that they are going through that,” says Pirtle.

Even though Pirtle didn’t know Feezer very well, he says he would see her walking her dog almost every day.

“She was a good old lady and everything, like I said, I didn’t know her personally, but I saw her passing by all the time and I know the son,” Pirtle says.

Even after the flames were put out, smoke continued to come from the ashes that Feezer once called home.

“That’s the worst thing about being a local fire department,” says La Center Fire Chief Tyler Powell.

Powell says this particular fire is especially hard for himself and his entire fire department.

“Several of the guys, this is their first fatality. This is my first fatality,” Powell says.

Pirtle says he feels bad for Feezer’s family.

“I hate it. There is nothing you can do about it but pray about it, and try to get a little closer to each other,” says Pirtle.

The fire marshal still doesn’t know the exact cause of the fire. It could take a few days before they come to an exact conclusion.

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